(a true but short comic story)
by Colin Ryono (the words) and Mike Skrzynski (the art)


Hi! Glad to see you. Please take off your shoes. I just vaccummed. No, I like your socks fine. They're cute.
Our short graphic novel was written and illustrated by two college friends from Portland, Oregon. It is a bittersweet true story of an awkward middle school crush set in the San Francisco Bay Area. We hope you enjoy the final product. It looks like this:

The comic can be previewed via the link that immediately proceeds this typed paragraph. Ready? It's coming up shortly. Bated breath? Not 'baited,' a common mistake. It's a shortened version of 'abate.' Abate, from the Middle English abaten, from Old French abattre, meaning "to beat down" (courtesy the Free Dictionary). Etymology -- the study of words and a sure-fire way to be avoided at all costs at parties when you bring up the urban legend regarding the origin of the word 'kangaroo' or the origin of the word 'kvetch' or other words that you happen to enjoy. Hard to say.


The first five pages of "Amy in the Spring..." available for your viewing pleasure.

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About the Authors

Colin Ryono is a writer living in NW Portland, Oregon. Mike Skrzynski is a graphic artist living in SE Portland with his wife Nicole. Originally transplants from California, their last names are frequently mispronounced. They used to live next door to each other at Lewis & Clark College. They graduated from L&C in 1999. This is their first collaborative project.